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All About Us: Why We Travel and Who We Are

Hello, and welcome to Two Wild Wanderers. This is where you can read all about us, why we love to travel as well as who we are as individuals and as a couple.

We’re a travel-obsessed pair originally from the UK, who are now lucky enough to live in our favourite city in the world; Hamburg, Germany.  We’re both deeply in love with colour, language, culture, wine, food and the written word, and we write about everything from street art, live music and city life to remote countryside escapes and road trips.

About us and how it all started

We started travelling together in 2013, when we took a one way flight to Gothenburg armed with two backpacks, limited camping knowledge and no idea where we’d end up. The rest, as they say, is history! As well as Sweden, we’ve since been to Italy, Germany, Israel, France, Poland, Hungary and Scotland and there are no plans to stop soon!

Moving to Hamburg in 2017 was the realisation of a decade-long dream for us. If you read about our life in Hamburg together you’ll find out more about us in general, because what we love about Hamburg has a lot to do with who we are.

Living in a city packed with so much art, food and architecture to enjoy and write about, the timing finally felt right to launch this site after discussing it for months and months beforehand. We hope you enjoy it, and find or pursue a passion of your own, even if you feel like you should have done years ago (like we did). It’s never too late.

Who is Chris?

Originally born in Scotland, let’s just say some years ago, I’ve been travelling since I was six months old. From my experiences during my formative years, one thing became clear to me: this world we’re lucky enough to inhabit is enormous, stuffed with all manner of unknowable wonders and experiences. Watching the travel programme over dinner every week, I was transfixed; a bedouin excursion in the Middle East, the towering majesty of the pyramids, the Canadian Rockies blanketed with a fresh carpet of immaculate snow – I wanted to see it all.

We visited Lanzarote in the Canary Islands every year as a family and I remember fervently looking forward to each year’s trip to the volcanic island. When I hit my teens, we explored various areas of the UK; the Isle of Man, Cornwall, Dorset and The Isle of Wight (the latter on more than one occasion). We also took trips to northern France and northern Spain, in both cases by car ferry.

When Amy & I first went away together in 2013 I’d unfortunately not left the UK in a decade. We’d booked a one way flight to Gothenburg in Sweden and decided “sod it, let’s just go camping and see where we end up.” It was exhilarating; I’d not felt that degree of freedom before and it was addictive – one I haven’t shaken since and one I’m happy to keep feeding! We’ve since had some incredible experiences together: a glass of wine on the rooftop of the Hilton hotel in Venice, wild camping in Sweden and watching the sun set over Jordan from our hotel in Israel to name just three. Experiencing first hand the majesty that our wonderful planet has to offer; it’s what life is about.

Who is Amy?

Courtesy of my wonderful mum, I’ve been travelling on and off since I was born. From a trip to Marbella at six months old (which I obviously but sadly have no recollection of), to moving to Barcelona at aged eight, she always made sure I saw, experienced and tried new things, which I’m eternally grateful for. I’m at my happiest when writing, travelling and writing about travel, and it would be fair to say that seeing new places has become somewhat of an obsession. Equally, writing has been emotionally rewarding and important for me since I was five years old. Aside from travel, something which always inspires me to write is reading the incredible prose of D.H. Lawrence, Angela Carter, Patricia Highsmith and so many other talented authors, who can paint a picture in your mind with just a few words.

When Chris and I met in 2011, I never imagined we’d come as far as we have. I was only eighteen and my life was characterised by extremely heavy nights out, a desperate desire to leave my home town and daydreaming about one day moving to Germany, and yet here we are, years later. We fell in love as we drove around the Peak District on misty autumn afternoons and cold, black November nights, and a long time later clumsily proposed to one another amidst the freezing twilight fog hanging beneath Winnat’s Pass.

Now, we spend our time roaming around Hamburg in search of brightly coloured street art and unusual bars, dreaming about which part of this wonderful world we’ll see next. From the Lofoten Islands in Norway to Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan, there’s no end of places we want to visit, and we hope you’ll enjoy following our adventures and learning more about us as we gradually explore everywhere we possibly can.

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